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Photo Captions

Temescal Community Archive (detail), 2006-present

Temescal Over Time Website (detail), 2006-present

Reading History (detail), 2008-09

Front cover, Temescal Legacies, 2006

Faces of Temescal (detail), 2005

You Are Here (detail), 2004

Fire Station 8 History Walk, 2003

Follow the Creek, 2003

PostMark Temescal, 2004

Beyond the Pussycat: Nine Lives of a Neighborhood Landmark, 2000

Some Local History: An Huchiun Ohlone and Vicente Peralta, 1999

Temescal History Project, 1997-1998

S H A R E D   G R O U N D   P R O J E C T S

Temescal History Archive

In Progress

The Temescal History Archive is an initiative to collect and catalog over 1,500 historic photographs, maps, other two-dimensional documents, and oral interviews that former and current members of the Temescal community have contributed for use in Shared Ground projects.

More details about the Temescal Archive...


Temescal Over Time Website

In Progress

The Temescal Over Time website, now under development, will provide public access to over 1,000 digital documents, including historic photographs, maps, newspaper articles, ephemera, video, and more, on a wide range of topics relating to Temescal and North Oakland. Temescal Over Time will also feature timelines, walking tours guides, and information on how to research the history of your house or apartment building.

More details about the Temescal Over Time Website...


Reading History: Temescal Branch Library Celebrates 100 Years

Opened December 2018, ongoing. 5205 Telegraph Ave., Temescal

Expanding on the 2008 exhibit that marked the Temescal Branch Library’s 90th anniversary, "Reading History" features photographs, maps, documents, and a timeline to reveal the evolution of the branch library over the past century as Temescal and the greater city of Oakland developed. Jeff Norman and Martha Bergmann (former Temescal Branch Manager) researched and produced the exhibit.

In Collaboration With: Temescal Branch Library


Reading History: Temescal Branch Library Celebrates 90 Years

December 2008-December 2009. 5205 Telegraph Ave., Temescal

"Reading History" is an exhibit of photographs, maps, documents, and a timeline that explores the evolution of the Temescal Branch Library over its first nine decades. Jeff Norman and Martha Bergmann (former Temescal Branch Manager) researched and produced the exhibit.

In Collaboration With: Temescal Branch Library


Temescal Legacies: Narratives of Change
from a North Oakland Neighborhood

2006. Softcover book, 184 pages, illustrated
$18.95 in local stores, or order here for $20.00, including sales tax and shipping.

Temescal Legacies examines five historically significant changes to the Temescal district and surrounding neighborhoods of North Oakland, and the impacts these changes have had on the community. The book features interviews with long-time Oakland residents and includes over 200 previously unpublished photographs.

Published By: Shared Ground


Faces of Temescal

Summer 2005. Telegraph Ave. and 47th St., Temescal

"Faces of Temescal," a temporary installation, featured a 52-foot by 18-inch vinyl banner mounted on a chain link fence that fronted on Telegraph Ave. The banner, consisting of 42 portraits of Temescal residents, merchants, and students, was designed to reflect the diversity of the Temescal community.

Commissioned By: Gate 48 Partnership


You are Here

2004. 4811 Telegraph Ave., Temescal

"You Are Here," a multi-component interpretive project that explores the idea of "place," consists of 1) a series of historical maps of the area mounted in the lobby of 4811 Telegraph Avenue; 2) a storefront window silk-screened with a reproduction of an 1895 photograph in tribute to Telegraph Avenue's long-standing role as a transit corridor; and 3) mounted outside the front entrance, an interpretive marker whose text and images describe the site's history.

Commissioned By: Temescal Place Partnership


Fire Station 8 History Walk

2003. Station 8 Firehouse, 463-51st St., Temescal

"History Walk," a permanent public art project located in front of the Station 8 Firehouse, is a public walkway consisting of porcelain and granite tiles etched with images and text that tell the interweaving story of Temescal's development as a community and Station 8's evolution since its formation in 1901. Copies of an accompanying color brochure, Timeline/Lifeline: A Story of Fire Station 8, are available free to the public.

Commissioned By: the City of Oakland Cultural Arts Program


Follow the Creek

2003. Telegraph and 51st St., Temescal

"Follow the Creek," a series of nine interpretive markers exploring the natural and social history of Temescal Creek, was mounted for a year on the chain-link fence that surrounded the vacant lot on the northeast corner of Temescal's busiest intersection, below which Temescal Creek passes unseen through an underground culvert. Students from California College of Arts and neighborhood children collaborated on the project.

Shared Ground Partner: Friends of Temescal Creek

Funded By: Neighbors and the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program


PostMark Temescal

2001-2004. 4900 block of Shattuck Ave., outside the
North Oakland Post Office, Temescal

"PostMark Temescal" is a permanent, outdoor community gathering place and interpretive site whose unique benches and pavement surfaces feature multiple expressions of local history, portraits and quotes from neighbors, and a tribute to Temescal Creek (which flows in a culvert beneath the site). Native plants were used in the surrounding landscaping. Gathering input through workshops with local residents and students, and working with dozens of volunteers during construction, the artist team of Bruce Douglas, Sue Mark, Jeff Norman, and Remi Rubel designed, coordinated, and raised funds for the project.

Shared Ground Partners: Friends of Temescal Creek and Healthy City Oakland Fund

Funded By: The City of Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency, Berkeley Land Co., City of Oakland Cultural Arts Program, Children's Hospital Oakland, Clorox Company Foundation, East Bay Community Foundation, and through local merchant and individual contributions


Beyond the Pussycat: Nine Lives of a Neighborhood Landmark

2000. A vacant lot on the northeast corner of Telegraph and
51st St., Temescal

"Beyond the Pussycat," a multifaceted, community art project that drew upon the skills and expertise of dozens of neighbors, included: a six-month, on-site exhibit exploring the history of the vacant lot at 51st and Telegraph; a Temescal history slide presentation at Carter Middle School by Jennifer Dowling and Ray Raineri; and an on-site public event featuring local musicians, food from neighborhood restaurants, facilitated "community conversations" with neighbors about potential future uses of the site, and an outdoor film screening.

Shared Ground Partners: Temescal Neighbors Together, Friends of Temescal Creek, and Temescal Merchants Association

Funded By: Local merchant and individual contributions, and through a grant from the City of Oakland Cultural Arts Program


Where We Live: The Temescal Neighborhood

1999. Temescal Branch Library, Temescal

The opening of this two-year exhibit on the natural and cultural history of the Temescal neighborhood coincided with the Temescal Branch Library's 80th anniversary and the gala opening of its newly retrofitted, historic landmark building.

Shared Ground Partner: Temescal Branch Library


Some Local History: An Huchiun Ohlone and Vicente Peralta

1999. The northwest corner of Telegraph and 55th St., Temescal

An interpretive marker describing the neighborhood's early inhabitants, "Some Local History" is located on what had been the Huchiun (Ohlone) ancestral homeland, and, later, the site of Vicente and Encarnacion Peralta’s adobes.

Shared Ground Partners: Chevron, Vicente Peralta Neighborhood Coalition


Temescal History Project

1997-1998. Various locations throughout Temescal

The Temescal History Project, a multi-component, all volunteer, community art project, included: “Where We Live,” an exhibit on Temescal history mounted for six months in storefront windows on the east side of the 5000 block of Telegraph Ave.; Where We Live: Stories from Temescal, a 45-minute video documentary featuring recollections of long-time Temescal residents and merchants; the book, Temescal Album: History of a Neighborhood, which provides a general introduction to Temescal's history; a self-guided walking tour booklet, A Walk Through Temescal (co-published with the Oakland Heritage Alliance); Temescal Opening, a one-day event that included performances, music, and a walking tour through the neighborhood; and Local History at Emerson, a ten-week local history program for third-graders at Emerson Elementary School.

Shared Ground Partners: Artship, City of Oakland, Emerson Elementary School, Oakland Heritage Alliance, Temescal Merchants Association, Temescal Neighbors Together, and Temescal Arts Center

Funded By: Individual Temescal merchants and residents, Berkeley Land Company, Chevron, Children's Hospital Oakland, Oakland Heritage Alliance, Rockridge United Methodist Church, and Temescal Merchants Association


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