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Photo Captions

Aerial photograph (Telegraph Ave. on right, Shattuck Ave. at an angle on left), 2003. Courtesy of Pacific Aerial Surveys

Car barn, Telegraph at 50th St. (site of today's Walgreens parking lot), 1905. Courtesy of Ray Raineri

"Map bench," PostMark Temescal public art project, 4900 Shattuck Ave., 2004 Photo: Jeff Norman

Annual Columbus Day Parade on Telegraph Ave., 1925. Courtesy of the Oakland History Room

L O C A L   L I N K S

Friends of Temescal Creek. A community organization providing education, policy analysis, water quality sampling, and other activities to help protect Temescal Creek and its watershed. 510/653-4576

Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey. A program of the city's Planning and Zoning Division that surveys, researches, and maintains an extensive library of information on historic properties and districts in Oakland. 510/238-6879. email: bmarvin@oaklandnet.com

Oakland Heritage Alliance. A non-profit membership organization working to protect, preserve, and revitalize Oakland's architectural, historic, cultural, and natural resources through publications, education, and direct action. 510/763-9218. email: info@oaklandheritage.org

Oakland History Room, Oakland Public Library. Located on the second floor of the Oakland Public Main Library, a center and library for the study of the history and ongoing development of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a special emphasis on Oakland and the East Bay. 510/238-3222. email: dlazard@oaklandlibrary.org

Oaklandish. After years of creating public art, Oaklandish has developed a brand of apparel to help support its ongoing calendar of free public events and grant program. 510/251-9500

Oakland North. A news project of UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, started in 2008 with support from the Ford Foundation, now operating as an independent local news organization supported by UC Berkeley and donations. Its goals are to improve local coverage; experiment with online and digital media; and teach young reporters to excel in their fairness and commitment to accuracy. email: staff@oaklandnorth.net

Oakland Tool Lending Library, Temescal Branch Library. Currently lends over 3,500 home improvement and gardening tools, as well as books and how-to videos and DVDs. Available free of charge to Oakland, Emeryville, and Piedmont residents and property owners. 510/597-5089

Omni Commons. Gathered under one roof at 4799 Shattuck Avenue in Temescal, a group of several Bay Area collectives with a shared vision of a more equitable commoning of resources and meeting of human needs over private interests or corporate profit.

Studio One Art Center. A city-run studio arts facility operating at 365-45th Street since 1949, where adults and children study, create, and share art in a supportive environment. 510/597-5027

Temescal Arts Center. A performing arts cooperative at 511-48th Street (at Telegraph), run on a volunteer basis, where exploration in the healing and performing arts can flourish. email: temescalartscenter@gmail.com

Temescal Branch Library. Operating since 1918 at 5205 Telegraph Avenue, this city landmark features diverse circulating materials, a unique collection of books in the Amharic and Tigrinya languages, computers with Internet access, preschool storytime and after-school homework programs, a community meeting room, and the city-wide Tool Lending Library. 510/597-5049.
email: slavoie@oaklandlibrary.org

Temescal Community Yahoo Group. A bulletin board and information resource for the Temescal community. email: temescalNeighborhood@yahoogroups.com

Temescal Merchants Association. Since 1919, committed to enhancing the Temescal business community. 510/653-7196.
email: carlo@sagrada.com

Temescal Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council. Works with the Oakland Police Department and other city agencies to prevent crime, promote public safety, and enhance the quality of life in Temescal's Police Beat 12X. 510/238-6822. email: PRose@oaklandnet.com

Temescal News and Views. Temescal's bimonthly community newsletter published by Temescal Neighbors Together (TNT).
E-mail: temescalnewsandviews@gmail.com

Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District. A special benefits assessment district along Telegraph Avenue from 40th to 66th Street, including small portions of Shattuck Avenue, 51st Street, Claremont Avenue, and Children's Hospital. The BID strives to make Temescal and the upper Telegraph vibrant shopping districts. 510/860-7327. email: info@temescaldistrict.org

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